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Blackout 2003 - Thursday 14 August 2003

Article | Pictures


Toronto Skyline at dusk, 14 August 2003

(by Andrew Wallace)



Toronto Skyline at dawn, 15 August 2003

(Reuters photo)


(NOAA satellite image)


Left: the Eastern Seaboard on a normal evening.



Right: the Eastern Seaboard during the Blackout




Yonge St. traffic lights, out due to blackout.



Yonge St. and Front St. - crowds hurrying to the station



Crowd on Yonge St. just north of Front, outside of their office buildings, contemplating how to get home



Bay St. and Front St. - confused people try to find their way out of downtown. The GO Trains have just stopped running due to signalling and switching problems



The exterior of Union GO Station by the Air Canada Centre is packed with commuters trying to go home.



The inside of Union Station is dark and packed with commuters trying to find their way home.



Corner of Bay St. and Adelaide St.

Note on the building sign it says it's 31°C out. It's 18:03.



Corner of Yonge St. and King St.



Outside the old Toronto City Hall building on Bay St. and Queen St.

This is a far cry from the normal scene of orderly movement and relatively smooth traffic.



Normally, buildings like these would be lit up completely by now, but they are all darkened. You can see a lone light on the building on the right.


This apartment building is usually lit up very brightly, but this evening there were no lights on.


Pseudo Cop on Bay St. and King St.



Psuedo Cop on Bay St. and Queen St.



A darkened Eaton Centre (it was being closed by security, so this was the best shot I could get before going)



The GO Bus Station on Bay St. and Front St., which is much busier than usual.



TTC buses packed with people going north up Yonge St. to go into the suburbs.



GO buses offering the only light around (photo blurry becuase this picture was taken on a moving bus)



A darkened apartment building seen while I was on the highway on the GO bus to Richmond Hill



The Bell Canada Building was the only lit building in the dark (Photo fuzzy since bus was moving)



The only light left on the corner of Bayview Ave. and Major Mackenzie Dr. are from the buses and cars.



Police on the corner of Bayview Ave. and Major Mackenzie Dr. directing traffic.




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