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I've devoted this (large) section of the site to some interesting stuff that I've gathered over the years... this stuff isn't necessarily original (of course, some of it IS) but they're quite interesting to read.


Quotes @ jasonpang.net

History: quotes used to be just a part of this "fun" section, but then this section started to grow and grow (and grow!) So I decided to put it on a seperate section of the website - and it's been growing ever since!


Information and Trivia


What do the symbols on your HKID card mean?


Facts that you might - or might not - want to know...

More facts that you might me interested in knowing

YET more facts...


Trivia 1 | 2


Things to do...


At a Boring Movie

At Walmart

In a lift

When You're Stressed Out


Weird and Wonderful


Weird warning labels and notices

Men's Room Conversation

Questions of the universe

Penguins (a video) (~400kb)


Just Plain Mean


The difference between irritation, aggravation and frustration

Revenge on two people

Definition of an SOB

Resignation Letter


Geeky (Computer) Stuff


The Gender of a Computer

Letterman's Top 10 signs you got a lame computer virus

Humour for IT Techies (User Friendly by Illiad )

Web Industry Terminology

Comparing General Motors to Microsoft

Why Compliers Must be Female


Dictionary (Re)definitions


Redefining Dictionary Definitions

Words that don't exist, but should


School / University Life


What your profs REALLY mean when they say...

'Twas the Night Before Finals

The Truth About University

Ontario University Life


Songs (or butchered versions of real ones)


Hadrianus - Songs of Science @ jasonpang.net


Methods of Mathematical Proof

A Calculus Carol




A Child's View

Children Say the Darndest Things!

Actual Report Card Comments

Student-Teacher Conversations


Battle of the Sexes


A poem about womens' moods

A Girl's Dream Hotel!


Misc and Random


Cow Diplomacy

Animaniacs Countries Song

Bumper Stickers

Things we learnt from the movies


"Bothering Snape" (offsite)


Guess this is something we all want and need...

The ultimate menu!

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This stuff was mostly forwarded to me through email or ICQ, so I don't know who the content was made by. Sorry!


Get your own free, web-based hypothesis test at adrliu@hotmail.com. 5% significance level guaranteed! (By the way -- this is for real!)


this is jasonpang.net

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