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One fine day, long, long ago, a budding young physics student could not remember what upthrust was. Therefore, he made a little song, sung to "Clementine," that would help him remember it.


And Physics was never the same again. For it was discovered that little tunes like this actually help people remember boring little things like this!


So in 2001, he taught the class that would one day be known as the Centenary Class of KGV. One fateful morning, he decided to recite this song for our enjoyment -- and enjoyed it we did. We diligently took notes of every note that he sung, and while others were satisfied with the lull in the usual monotonous routine of class, one enterprising student, Adrian Liu, decided to expand on this little song that our teacher had cobbled up so many years ago.


And expand he did, coming up with verses upon verses (upon verses) of extensions to songs, and creating new ones altogether.


The student-turned-teacher above mentioned above is Mr. Leatham, our esteemed Physics teacher for A-Level... interestingly, he has a striking resemblence to Fritz Haber. Coincidence? You decide for yourself.


And so, without further ado, jasonpang.net presents: Hadrianus - Songs of Science.

(For those who don't understand, it's a play on Adieums - Songs of Sanctuary - an album by Karl Jenkins)


All songs in their current form are by Adrian Liu, inspired from Mr. Leatham's Upthrust Song, and with contributions from many sources. Reproduced with permission from the author(s).


The Songs


The Physics Song (with background music) - Formerly "Mr. Leatham's Upthrust Song")

The Physics Song - The Sing-Along Version (Flash Player must be installed)

The Expriment Song

The Chemistry Song

More Random Hadrianus Songs



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