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Name: Jason Pang 彭仁正

Places lived in: Hong Kong, Vancouver, Waterloo, Toronto


a.k.a (i.e. "Also known as" or "nicknames"):


"JP" - Used by most people

"Pang" - Stemmed from when I was in Currie and KGV, when there was more than 2 Jason's and only 1 Pang. Interestingly, I was the ONLY person surnamed Pang during my time in Currie, and the only one in my year for a while at KGV.

"Pang Pang" - Came when "Timon and Puumba" was translated into Cantonese

"Snoopy" - To most at KGV

"Multiple" - Stemmed from when I was in Canada.

"Mushroom Head" - from a bunch of (then) Y7 -- i think Class of 2006 -- on my bus.

"Beanstalk", "Chopstick", "Bigfoot" - 7P's names for me - describing my physical appearance, obviously.



"Evil Prefect"

"That crazy photographer"




University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada

Candidate for Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Computer Engineering


King George V School, Hong Kong

Class of 2002! The Centenary Class

Subjects studied at A-Level: Computing, Physics, Mathematics, English Language A/S

Subjects stuided at GCSE Level: Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, History, Business Studies, English Language, English Literature, French


General Currie School, Richmond, BC, Canada

Class of 1997 (and one of the few to stay from Kindergarten to Grade 7)




Web Design: Maintain this and various other websites - current projects include the KGV Former Pupils' Registry, and, of course, this website.


Programming: Current languages in my portfolio include C, C++, C#, Java, Pascal, Visual Basic, VBA, PHP, CGI; Assembly languages: MIPS and Motorola 68K.


Computers: Wow, where to begin. With the exception of analog hardware, I'm very interested in computers of all shapes and sizes, and getting them to work. Also quite competent at networking.


Sports: Badminton, Football (Soccer), Tennis, Basketball.


Photography: Mainly digital photography nowadays, but still prefer to use good ol' SLRs. I am mainly trained in action shots and live event coverage, but I do enjoy taking landscape shots when I get the chance.


Environmental Work - EDEN - formerly a Senior Environmental Protection Ambassador and webmaster


Personality Tests, and other random stuff


Which OS are You?




The "How Hong Kong Are You" Test

Link: http://www.quizie.com/test.php?testid=299782


I was asked to take this quiz one more time to see if my views had changed after working in Toronto for a while. Results:


(April 2003)

You scored a 67% on the "How Hong Kong Are You?" Quizie!
2781 people had a score lower than yours

425 people had a score higher than yours

55 people had a score the same as yours


(October 2003)

You scored a 66% on the "How Hong Kong Are You?" Quizie!
20525 people had a score lower than yours

3165 people had a score higher than yours

331 people had a score the same as yours



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