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KGV's practically been my home for five years since Year 9 (1997). Over these five years, I've got to know tons of people at KGV, but at school, no group of people were more important than KGV's Class of 2002. (Well, okay, 7P is very very important too!)


Thanks for being there whenever I needed you guys, and I'll sure as heck miss all of you. Take care wherever you go, and don't lose touch!


This section is a tribute to the KGV, and KGV's Class of 2002 - the Centenary Class.


Remember that sticker we had for the Centenary? If you want a digital copy of it, I'd be more than happy to send you one!


Presenting: (Most of) KGV's Class of 2002!

Taken March 2002 - many thanks to Mr. Ensor for taking this


(I know it's not the whole year here, but I thought it would be nice to have this picture here anyway)


And here's a challenge -- find Mrs. Graham!

Contact Information for KGV Class of 2002


KGV Class of 2002 - Online Alumni List


KGV School Song


KGV's School Song - Honestas Ante Honores (MP3 format ~1MB)

Thanks to Adrian Liu for supplying the music


Final Assembly, Class of 2002


For Having Us Here - by Michael Lau

Performed by the Class of 2002 during Final Assembly (5 June 2002)

Lyrics | MP3 Format


Recitations by Head Prefects


If - by Rudyard Kipling: Recited by Kieran Kumaria, Head Boy

Phenomenal Woman - by Maya Angelou: Recited by Alison Lau, Head Girl


By Popular Request: Photos from the Lion 2002


Funny version of the Whole Year Photo

House Captains: Crozier | Nightingale | Rowell | Upsdell

The long lost Peer Support Leaders Photo

KGV Class of 2002 - Photo in the SSC


Other KGV Stuff

An Interview with Mr. Barnes (1999)



KGV Website

KGV Wikipedia Entry (lots of contribs by me there)


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