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Soul Transfer Form

As part of new ECE department policy, all students who are in an ECE program of study must transfer their souls to the ECE department. Forms must be filled out in full and submitted to the ECE department by all students.


Soul Transfer Form - newly updated for those in cross-department programs! Now fillable online!


(original version in Iron Warrior)


A few people have voiced concern over the date of the original form. July 2001 (which is the date of the "original" soul transfer form) is the date of publication of the form I parodied. I guess I wasn't careful enough, and I left that date there. Oops.


The first version ever produced was done in August 2004, after my 2B term. Does that explain a lot?


Anyway, newer versions of the form since 2004 have had their dates updated accordingly.


Exam Ownage Scale


exam owned-ometer scale
exam owned-ometer 3b
exam owned-ometer  3a
exam owned-ometer  2b
exam owned-ometer  2a

exam owned-ometer 1a 1b

exam owned-ometer  howto



Recollections from 1B

Well, it's been two full terms now in Waterloo. Full of good experiences and bad experiences. I've seen a lot of things; I've also seen a lot of things I'd rather not have seen.


Of course, what's a university without the people there?


I present here a look at life during First Year, as seen through the viewfinder of my trusty camera:


A view of my room - looking out the window before sunset
Meawhile, inside the very same room... can you find me in that pile of stuff?



This is the desk where I work, my bookshelf, and you'll notice the bed too. Yes, those are photos on the wall.

Rotated view, showing the dresser, vanity, and a lone, solitary hook on the wall that used to be for my jacket but broke.

And here is the room rotated yet again. The window you see there is the ONLY window in my room. You can see the view outside (by day) above.

... and here. Note that the flag of HK is still the British Colonial Flag. Whenever someone asks me why I have a slightly British accent, I just point to that flag - and say I'm from Hong Kong. Explains a lot :)



I still wonder to this day who took this picture. It's the whole of S8 after being rudely awoken by a fire drill. Someone (although I don't recall who now that it's been so long) was in the shower at the time and had to come out in a bath towel!

S8 - well, at least all the people we could muster up before we all left.

clockwise from bottom-left:

Pat, Will, Me, Leo, Wookie-boy (Kyle), Brad, Yash, John, Alex


A sample of our absolutely delicious cafeteria food...
... leaves many resorting to pizza.
Mercifully, S8 can thank the culinary master Mike, with his vast array of spices to make even the worst food taste... edible. Dav, we salute you!


There'll be more stuff coming out as soon as I have time!



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