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Site Opening Blurbs for Spring 2003

26 May 2003 - Happy Birthday, Flora!

Whoa, it's been a long time since I've had the time and chance to do an update on this site. Right now, I'm in Richmond Hill on a dialup connection, so that's why I don't really have that much time to do much online. Email's always good, since I check my email once every day at least, but don't count on me being on ICQ/MSN/etc too often! I'd be on at least after 10pm EDT.


Still trying to find a job right now, although a lead has come up. Hopefully I'll have a job by the end of the month.


Oh yeah, Senators lost. Commendable effort, but now I owe my cousin a 1.1kg bag of Jelly Bellies.


Anyway, I hope everyone's doing well. SARS is back in Toronto. Bleugh. Just when we thought it was all going to go away. Take care, everyone. Stay healthy! Watch out for the mad cow!


25 May 2003 - Happy Birthday, Jing!

More posting tomorrow.


14 May 2003 - Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

Haha, well, maybe this got posted up a bit late. Hope you had a lot of fun, etc... BIKE TRIP! If it weren't for SARS I'd be back in HK riding a bike too! :)


Well, things still looking uncertain right now. Hopefully things will get better... still trying to find a job...


10 May 2003

Yay! I finally got a new bike! It'll be ready on Monday and I'll post a pic up at some point :) I don't think it's a really really nice bike, but it's quite good and not that expensive (yeah, second hand stuff so it doesn't get stolen :P)


Watched the Ottawa Senators / NJ Devils game today... wow, pretty exciting stuff. Go Canada! Hopefully we'll (Canada!) manage to win the Stanley Cup!! Haha here I go again, being a really patriotic Canadian again :)


FYI, I removed the Iraq Body Count today, since the war in Iraq is basically over. If you still want to see it, go to http://www.IraqBodyCount.com


Job status: No job yet.


8 / 9 May 2003

Boo Canucks! How'd you manage to let a 2-0 lead slip into a 4-2 loss? and you were up 3-1 in games too!


Sigh, oh well, try harder next year... now hopefully we have the Senators to bring home the Stanley Cup to Canada!


For those of you who didn't know me when I was in Vancouver, I was a Canucks *fanatic*... loved hockey (ice hockey) a lot. Of course, once I got back to Hong Kong, never saw another ice hockey game for 5 years! Oh well, it's nice to see the playoffs since the people are playing (well, most of them) as if their lives depended on it... it's such a fast sport! Heh, well, I just had to post SOMEthing about this Canucks upset. Good night...


7 May 2003

Well, I watched Harry Potter I again today, and I'll probably get started reading on H.P. III again (well, I'd started ages ago but dropped it since there were exams and stuff). Heh, I also managed to activate my SMS service for my cell phone now, so I can get SMS messages... you can even email it to me! coooooool...... but anyway, I'm not gonna post the method here for fear that I'll get more than the 2500 allowed for free :P Ask if you want to find out how. No, I usually won't respond to SMSes, but I can call back to whoever.


30 April 2003

Siiigh, well, still trying to find a job after... two weeks of trying again to find one? Oh well, at least this is a well needed break and I'm just sitting around, watching TV, and enjoying the ***aaagh!*** painfully slow life (sometimes). Don't really like commuting like 1.5 hours to see friends and stuff, but I guess the good thing is that I'm living about 40 mins from downtown (after getting on a streetcar, then on the train). Oh well, we'll see how it goes :) I'm hoping to get myself a G1 licence at some point.


24 April 2003

"Jason Pang Rises the Level of Intelligence Once Again!"

Or so believes Kara, who requested this to go on my webpage. Yeah, just spent all morning talking to various people that I've just never seemed to have time to during the exams (read: EVERYONE) so that's pretty nice.


One sad piece of news that I seemingly haven't managed to tell everyone:

I will NOT be coming back to HK this summer

I wish I could too, but SARS prompted the university to cancel all jobs in the region. So... oh well, c'est la vie, je pense. ("That's life, I guess", for those of you that don't speak French)


Oh well, there's a reason why things happen, so I guess this is all for the best. Anyway, continuing with some other stuff I was doing -- so later!


23 April 2003 - Happy Birthday, Kevin!

That's all I'm going to write, I'm tired :)p


21 April 2003

Wow, it's been like a week since I stopped working. It's weird. FREE TIME for once. Never (in uni) have I felt this way... I hafta admit, it just feels odd that I don't have work or at least SOMEthing to do. But well, now I'm researching into something that'll make sense of all the weird errors I've been receiving from people about the KGV Registry. It's weird seeing only some people having errors and not everyone. Oh well, whatever.


Spring has finally arrived... it's all nice and green out and it's finally looking pleasant enough to go out for a change. And yes, I'll have to go and get my G1 licence at some point in time, although I don't know when I can get out to do that. It really is inconvenient not having a car!


15 April 2003

Heh, Mike, how'd you like that cling wrap on your door??

I'd just like to add to yesterday's comment that I WILL follow on with my plans to try to phone you guys! Don't worry! I found my long-lost phonecard hiding in between my piles of work.


14 April 2003

Well well well, things are finally done. Just wrote my C&O exam, and it was tougher than expected. Oh well, it doesn't stop the fact that it's all finally over! First year went by really fast, even though I wanted it to go slower at times (i.e. when I had work to do but not enough time)


Hmm... thoughts are mixed. Really concerned about exam marks.


It feels weird sitting in the caf and actually realizing that I have no actual work to do! Like, before, I'd be doing other stuff to avoid work, or to take a break from work, but right now -- there's nothing to avoid!! Amazing!


Well, I'll try to enjoy it while I can. Need to think about summer jobs and stuff like that right now, since I'm not going to be allowed to work back in Hong Kong. (Thanks, Co-op Dept.)


If anyone else happens to have time, please feel free to drop me a line. It seems like it's been ages since I've talked to anyone! The past 2 weeks, I've known nothing but work. In fact, since 1 April, I have had no weekends... yesterday, I actually had NO CLUE that it was actually a weekend since I was so busy with C&O. The previous weekend, it was calc, calc and more calc.


So yeah, feelings in a nutshell: elation at finishing first year, although it's kinda sad to leave friends after living with them for 8 months. Concern over my future. Worried about SARS and everyone left in HK.


Oh yeah, the snow's finally all gone! Weird that I actually can see grass now. You won't believe it. It snowed on the 4th! Well, more like freezing rain, i.e. ice pellets but not hail, really, so it was weird... you'd walk out and it would feel like you're walking on sand. Everything on the ground was in little pellets. Kicking it around would result in a large shower of little pellets of ice. Coooool...


Anyway, gonna go eat something, then sit back and get more than 5 hours sleep for the first time in weeks. Until next time...


1 April 2003, 22:00

31 March 2003, after Bingalls' Lecture

What on earth we we pointing at???

Okay, I've broken my own record (Waterloo one anyway) for sleep deprivation. MSci took up a good night to do (no, I didn't start last minute). It's now been 39 hours since I last slept (well, I had a 1.5 hr nap) and everyone's been noticing that I'm not talking in coherent sentences anymore. Well, I need to stay up for just a bit longer, so that I don't screw up my sleeping habits more.


Chatting on ICQ w/ people in HK. Wow, depressing stuff, this SARS. Luckily, nobody I know has it, and I hope that everything gets better soon. On the weekend, I read that someone got quarantined in Waterloo (City), after travelling in on a Greyhound. Hmm... am I in a danger zone? Not yet, I believe.


Last day of lectures was today. Exams start a in week yesterday. I'm so dead! 5 exams in 7 days, including one on a Saturday!


NO, this was not an April Fool's Joke. I really did stay up 39 hours with a 1.5 hr nap. @*(&$(*@#&$%$@&*@#... But the BIGGEST April Fools' Joke ever... it SNOWED! In April! Imagine my surprise looking out the window at 6am and seeing snow.




24 March 2003, 21:23

Just waiting on someone to give me some crucial information so I can finish some assignment...

I had just finished my lab report, and proceeded to collapse into my bed. John came into my room and failed to find me. Can you see why? (see photo)

24 Mar 2003, about 21:15

Collapsed in my room.

Challenge: find me in that pile of ... stuff


19 March 2003, 21:40

The war on Iraq has started. May God bless us all. Not that I agree with the campaign, but I hope that Bush's objectives are reached quickly so that fewer are hurt.


18 March 2003

Wow, this was crazy. Up till 4:30am doing a prelab. A PRElab. Wow. Anyway, my mood's improving - the snow is FINALLY melting and you can actually see grass! I'm kinda scared though -- exams are in like 2 weeks! Arrrggh! Well, all I know is that tonight I'm sleeping early. It's not good to have a diet of caffiene, chocolate, sugar, and fat, have a cold AND sleep less than 4 hours a day.


No, I don't have that pneumonia thing that's been going around.


Thoughts: well, I'm just glad Canada's not part of the the strike on Iraq, and I sure hope it stays that way. All I hope for is that whatever happens, people don't suffer from it. I'm not going further into my opinions - no time to do that.


Well, just wanted to share some thoughts as the US gets ready to invade Iraq. Disturbing stuff. Need a break from Calc anyway.


Back to work...


View from my window out onto field

7 March 2003

Ouch... clumsy me... walking to class I manage to slip and fall TWICE. Result: a very achy me and a broken pencil that I had kept in my bag. Oh well, at least there's nothing but bumps and bruises. Also, I played badminton, and guess what... I slid, and this left a couple of large holes in my track pants. Rather, burnt a couple of holes in my track pants. Large coefficient of kinetic friction! A lot of energy transferred to the fabric of the pants, resulting in an increase in temperature on the fabric, thus burning a hole in the pants!


3 March 2003

Hmm, i just wanted to write something since it's 03/03/03! LOL I'm getting excited over nothing nowadays... I think it's just that I'm too tired or too bored, maybe too lifeless. Haha WHAT life?? I don't think many comps have a life anyways... argh.


More work... MORE WORK. Bleh...


1 March 2003

Dodgeball! Met a few 4th years talking about how they'd blow up a snowman for Campus Day. Lotsa fun over the weekend, since Ktung happened to be crashing in my room for a couple of nights, and it was fun catching up and showing him how much snow Waterloo gets (the snow was halfway up his leg at one point) relative to Windsor.


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