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Site Opening Blurbs for Summer 2002


27 August 2002

Well, the time has come. I'm packing a lot of what I have to go off to Waterloo. Leaving tomorrow -- I dunno, lots of mixed feelings right now. There's always that thrill of going to a place you've never ever seen before, but on the other hand, there's also the depression (well, sort of) that comes with leaving the place you've lived in for five whole years, friends I've known at KGV and in Hong Kong, and... hm, well, it's really hard to describe unless you've been through it (I've been through it twice, once at 5 and once when I was 13).


Anyway, I'll miss you ALL, and I'll remember EVERYTHING -- absolutely everything that we've done, the good, the bad, the... well, you get the point, don't you? :)


Thanks, KGV, and thank you to all the people who have been part of my life for these 5 years!


15 August 2002

Very happy about my A Level results. Enough said.


10 August 2002

Got back from the airport today - my cousins left for Canada today, 18 days before I'm scheduled to leave. We went to the airport in driving rain, and came back a couple of hours later in very sunny weather. Hmm... weird Hong Kong weather...


I finally managed to get a laptop -- it was on a steep discount, but it's a killer 7 pounds (3.1 kg)! Arrgh. Oh well... i hope I don't need to carry it ALL over the place... but it's a pretty decent system. Well, i'm going to play around with it a bit more before sleeping... (see theory below)




9 August 2002

Just came back from a day of excursions and snooker... tired, exhausted, and... uh, that's it, nevermind. Spent another half-day scouring the territory for the best laptop deals and stuff... I figure it's best to get one sooner rather than later, so if something does screw up I have time to bring it for exchange or something.


Well, gonna sleep now. Gnite everyone


6 August 2002

Whew! Finally back from Sabah - it was really cool there! (I meant that -- even though it was hotter by the temperature scales, it felt much better than sticky-icky-humid Hong Kong.)


More stories later :)

Meanwhile, I'll be dealing with some stuff that I got from Waterloo and HKU and this fridge company asking me to rent a fridge for my dorm room.


1 August 2002

Well, packing for vacation in Malaysia... I can't believe it - my flight leaves at 7:30 in the morning. With all these new check-in restrictions and group meetings and stuff, that means I'm going to have to be at the airport by (hmm...) 5:00! That's before even the first Airport Express train!! Agh... of course, I've never seen HK by night that early (-- er, late?) so it'll probably be interesting. Hopefully the sun will start rising and it'll be really cool to look at.


It's 10pm - so (yawn) I'll hafta get to sleep if I'm going to wake up by 3:30 to start making my way to the airport. G'nite everyone, and see you soon!


BTW, thanks to Wendy and Sandy for signing my guestbook ... it's been quite a while since something meaningful has been in my g/book :) I promise to visit your sites soon and sign back!


And Kara... if you ever say a word... (oh darn, I can't impose any weird sanctions anymore.. darn I miss being your Peer Support already! j/k) Oh well... it's not like (ahem) will know anything, will he/she/it?


Darn, I've rambled on for another 5 minutes already. I'd better stop, otherwise I'd *never* get to sleep!


G'nite everyone :)


29 July 2002

HKU wasn't that bad... I think the prof that interviewed me was a really cool guy -- we talked for like 20-odd minutes. Interesting guy as well :)

I also went to shop around for a laptop computer,


23 July 2002

HKU called to tell me I've got an interview. Hmm, scary...


16 July 2002

Progress has been slow after moving... I've managed to unpack 98% of my stuff, but that last 2% is taking up another 98% of my time (basically stuff that I'm undecided about whether or not to throw away).

Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm still sleeping on the floor.

Added some warning labels that I've seen around, on some products. Find it on the Fun page. Odd stuff.


9 July 2002

Well, I've been keeping up this running commentary about my life as it is ... and I've had no chance to post it up! Anyway, here is the newest incarnation of my site... enjoy! More quotes - but sorry Adrian, the Physics song hasn't progressed since you saw it last!


7 July 2002

Amazing! Everything is back to normal! Now if only I could get those phone lines not to snap, crackle and pop when I use them...


5 July 2002

Since the 29th, I've basically been informationally and socially deprived because I've had no phone, Internet, or other forms of communication. Moving is BORING! Oh well, at least I'm going into school today, so I won't be THAT bored!


By the way, I got my Use of English exam mark back. Boy was I pissed. I got a "B" overall (not bad, I guess), but the individual mark results were what really pissed me off: Reading A, Writing, A, Listening B (I'm not really happy with that either), Oral A, and Practical Use E.


E??! What the heck! I've been using English to communicate with you guys on this website, PLUS I've been using English in school since Kindergarten. That is, a full 13 years. PLUS my AS-Level English Language exam mark was an A as well. WHAT IS GOING ON??!


Hmmph, and the fact that out of all of us -- KGVers who all got A at GCSE for English -- got no higher than a B in HKALE UE. Hm.


3 July 2002

Interview at the UST.


2 July 2002

I've moved everything to the new place now, but what I've discovered is that my computer is busted! Something's wrong with it! Aggggh! As we speak, I'm transferring gigabytes of data onto another HD and hoping it will work...


29 June 2002

Going to move house now, so talk to all of you later!


21 June 2002

I've finally finished all my exams! Good luck to the rest of you who are still suffering through them -- they'll be over soon!


19 June 2002 - taking a small break from revision.

Who submitted my site for a Golden Web Award? Imagine my surprise when I checked my email inbox one day and I found out I had one of these awards. Well, whoever did it, thanks very very much. I'm honoured to have been given this award.


Thanks also to the International Association of Webmasters and Designers for giving out this award to me.


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