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This conversation happened over ICQ between me and Adrian Liu (sitting at one comptuer), and another victim, who won't be named (you know who you are!)...

A semicolon (;) seperates consecutive messages from one party.


Victim: What's un col?

Us: 0.595215

V: ?!; is that un col or the solution to some complex math problem?

U: Lambda epsilon function provided the contour integral yields unity suggest a circular integral of non-commutativity and immeasurable measure.

V: interesting... you really enjoy confusing me don't you

U: Absolutely.; And you know what?; 0.822662

V: wow... ; and what's that?

U: Did you know that the smallest number that can be expressed as the sum of 2 cubes in 2 distinct ways is 1729?

V: i say, how nice

U: You say "how nice". But I say she said that he thinks "not good".

V: Now that's confusing; anyway, what's un col?

U: Not necessarily unnecessary. If you would be so kind as not to not not misunderstand this, displeasure would be ejected from teh ill-defined system.

V: jason what on earth are you talking about??

U: .ralloc a si "loc nU"

V: thank you. I got that at least; but that still doesn't make sense cos there is no picture of a collar here; you are feeling ok today aren't you?

U: We know come to the important phase of our life where we must define the word "OK". What will suffice? A dictionary definition? Perhaps, but perhaps not. And maybe even "yes". Dictionary.com suggests "Approval; agreement", but my inner instincts tell me that to search for the true definition of "OK", one must dwelve into the deeper meanings of life. Here, we accept the accepted authority on this matter - "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy". The guide defines the meaning of life as "42".Deepening in a shallow, but deep way!

V: something tells me that you are not feeling "ok" today; meaning of life is 42?

U: Not no. 42. Or, if you prefer: 41+1 Maybe: 6*7 Better still: 9*5-3.Try it yourself! Come up with your own way to make 42! It's deeply satisfying!

V: you are scaring me. you really are. what are you doing anyways?

U: I don't know. You're scaring me.

V: i'm scaring you?? and how am i scaring you??? you don't know what you're doing??

U: i know perfectly well what i'm doing... do you know what YOU're doing?

V: uh... yeah

U: 0.579429

V: Oh no. Why are you doing this?

V: ...

U: .... ; HA! One more than you!

V: Jason, I think you need a doctor; and mind your grammar

U: 0.782029

V: And what is that? This doesn't sound like Jason.

U: it's the lambda delta fi coefficient of alpha.


At this point, the victim (L****) realizes that a prank is being played, and goes offline.


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