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"Yeah... so whatcha gonna *do* 'bout it?"

Mark... and he got grounded for that


"Be a gentleman!"



"Grace. Let's eat!"

When I was in Canada, I went to a daycare centre run by a tabernacle, and it was customary for us to pray before eating, and it started by someone saying "Let's say grace." Needless to say, this guy got into deep trouble after saying that.



Colin decided to write a computer program to help Adrian and him solve a physics problem:
Adrian: "Can you actually put "pi" into your program? Because if you can't, it might actually give you an 'indirect hit' when it's supposed to be a 'direct hit'"
Colin: "It's ok. I've set it so that if it's a direct hit within 100 pixels, it'll say that it's a direct hit".
Adrian: "Still..."
Colin: "It should be ok. I used a pretty good value for pi. I used 3.1415926535897932384626".
He knows all those figures off by heart!


After working for about 2 days on physics homework, Adrian and Colin have the following conversation:
Adrian: "You know, we've been working for so long on these problems, that when we finish writing them up, we're going to sit up, and think...'what now'?"
Colin: "Well, there's math!".
Colin wasn't serious, btw.


Adrian and Colin comparing answers to a physics problem
Adrian: "So what restrictions do you have on omega?
Colin: "OK...well, to work out the restrictions I used calculus, and my result was that omega had to be less than L over 2 times cosine of omega T minus V is less than or equal to 2 centimeters per second"
Adrian: "OK...and so...uh...what's that numerically?"
Colin: "YES! Good idea! Why didn't I work it out numerically?"


Adrian, when looking over someone's physics homework:
Adrian: "Hmm...that's a very interesting approach you have there..."
Colin: "Coming from a Princeton physicist, that means he got a different answer to you"


What people call "Operational Research and Financial Engineering" at Princeton. To do this properly, you need to clap your hands like a seal while you're saying it:


Adrian and Colin, discussing academic distribution requirements
Adrian: "What kind of crazy idea is that? You're limited to taking 12 courses in your OWN department!".
Colin: "It's the kind of crazy idea of a liberal arts education - you've gotta take ASTROphysics as well as physics!"


In a math class at Princeton:
Student: "Why would you want to take iterated partial derivatives of multivariable functions?"
Professor: "Why,.It's a perfectly natural thing to do!"

Colin: "The sine function is an excellent approximation for the cosine function when theta is pi/4."

Princeton Math Professor: "In this case, you really have to think of "2" as a variable".


Standard response to questions on uncertainty in PHY 103 lab. The guidline to estimating uncertainty was "would you bet a dollar that it's within the range you specified"? The result was:
"I'll bet YOUR dollar on it".


"Yes, that's right, it's come to the point where i need to write more pages than there are hours to write them"
Name withheld to protect the art of procrastination. In an email sent 15 hours before final papers were due.


"The alternate hypothesis is that 3 million years is just too short a time".
At a biology lecture


TA: "Coffee's very good for you - it's made of things that are very healthy"
Student: "Yeah? Like what?"
TA: "Well, for starters, it's mostly water".
Conversation between a student and a physics lab TA who was famous for his obsession with coffee


"I AM a musician for hire. It's just that I don't get hired!"
David Blackwell


"Mine are clear but incomplete. His are complete but totally incomprehensible".
Colin, comparing the quality of his physics notes with those of Adrian's.


"I was originally going to talk about the gravitational interactions of complicated geometric objects, but since we don't have time now, they're actually not too complicated."
Princeton physics professor


Adrian: "Is New York part of New England?"
Colin: "No. Why should it be?"
Adrian: "Because it has 'new' in it."
Colin: "By your logic then, why isn't New Mexico part of New England?"
Adrian: "Because Mexico isn't part of England."


"Special people call for special circumstances"
Colin's motto.


"Our motto is this: 'God went to Princeton'."
A joke that was told on a Princeton Orange Key Tour. The real motto is "Under the Eyes of God She Flourishes", while the unofficial motto is "Princeton in the Nation's Service, and in the Service of all Nations".

"You are on your way to becoming a kidney!"
"Don't go here! You don't belong here! You need to get away from here as quickly as possible!"

From a biology lecture on cell signalling given by Dr. Tilghman, president of Priceton University


The fire alarm is going off in Blair Hall.

Colin: "I find it really interesting how Blair might be on fire but our fire alarms here in Joline don't go off even though we're right next door".
Weston: "Don't worry. The Office of Information Technology installed a firewall between us".

NB: Joline and Blair are connected.


Adrian: "You're actually TIDYING up your desk?!"
Colin: "Of course not. I'm just grouping like terms, factoring, and eliminating".

Colin: "Gee...when was the last time we used NUMBERS?"

During math homework

"Oh, Manish, we forgot to take incest into account"

Adrian, talking to Manish about some calculation about Genghis Khan


"I don't see the point of majoring in comparative literature. It's just English in different languages."




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