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Gleaned off assignments that were marked during my term as a TA:


From GenE 167 assignment: a memo about "Why I'm Suitable to be an Engineer"


"However, I'm farily poor in decision making, because one of the hardest decisions I had to make was to choose a university to go to. Since time ran out, my parents sent my acceptance to Waterloo for me"

That's a good reason to come to Waterloo...


"... the few who did not survive the fall from the 8th floor. I learnt that day taht caterpillars are not very good pilots"

About a scientific experiment to put caterpillars in paper airplanes


"Unfortunately, not all of them survived the trip back up as I held the plane too hard and squeezed them to death"

Ewww... (from same experiment)


"... fist year engineering"

Fist year?


"Lastly, I believe that I possess communication skills, which are demonstrated by the construction of this memorandum."

One of the more interesting comments


"Then, I met a computer. It seemed to have everything I had ever imagined I would like to have and be able to do. To me, computer was like magic lamp, that can do anything I wanted it to do."

There was more, but I got lazy and didn't type it out.


"An engineer, they say, is a person who works the hardest, has to always be alert and never has any leisure time"

Only at UW... only at UW...


"I believe in being open-minded and treating people with respect. For example, I shoot down ideas based on my opinion"


"I'm going home now to do some REAL programming"

From a student who left the ECE 150 (programming) midterm early. He's programming his own OS on the x86 platform




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