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This Physics song is one that Mr. Leatham created to remember what Upthrust was (hence the "Upthrust Song"). Now, it's been transformed by Adrian Liu, with a tiny bit of input from me (mainly in the SHM part), to form this Physics Song.


This song is the ORIGINAL!!


Sung to the tune of "Clementine"

Now we come to the laws of physics, in this hap-py, jolly tune!


(Mr. Leatham's Original Verse)

When an object is wholly Or partially immersed,
in a fluid, in a fluid, It is acted upon:
By an upthrust (!). This upthrust or apparent loss of weight,
Is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.


When Newton, saw an object with no forces pushing it,
He thought it must either stay still, or move in a straight line,
At a constant (!), at a constant rate of change of distance,
This was also Galileo's Principle of Inertia.


When a force is exerted on an object of fixed mass,
Newton thought it will speed up, slow down or change direction,
The size of these changes will decrease with greater mass,
This is fundamental to all, classical mechanics.


When it came to his third law, Newton talked about action,
Pairs of action, and reaction occur with any force.
Conservation of momentum was a nat'ral consequence,
This is useful when you're thinking about a collision.


When the motion, is simple and harmonic in nature,
It will follow, it will follow these two simple rules,
First its period (!) is constant, doesn't change, with amplitude!
Its displacement is proport'nal to negative "a".


If you need to illustrate the three SHM graphs,
Please remember please remember their three basic shapes
First displacement is a sine graph; Velocity is cosine;
Acceleration is given by negative sine.


When Thompson, found electrons he thought they were coming from,
A plum pudding, a plum pudding of some positive charge.
Then young Ernest, decided, to shoot alpha particles,
At some gold foil so that he could study the deflections.


When the data came through he was given a pleasant shock,
They suggested that the atom, is- mostly empty space
In the middle, is some mass that is positively charged,
Mr. Rutherford, (that's young Ernest) called this mass, the nucleus.


When you wiggle, a charge, you will wiggle its field,
This will create, a light wave running away at "c".
Young's slits (!) say "INTERFERENCE" (!) so, light must be a wave,
Then young Einstein sees the photos and calls them particles.


When you're trav'ling in a vacuum at a uniform velocity,
You will find that, you will measure the light speed to be the same,
Irrespective! (!) Irrespective of your frame- of reference,
This is true for every boson, of zero rest mass!


When you're trav'ling, very quickly, near the speed of a photon,
You will see the world contracting in the line of your movement.
And the time flows much more slowly for the people not inside,
But for you there will be no change that you can detect!



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