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I don't like communism because it's too fair. I don't want to be equal with everyone else!"
Roshan - in Y11 History


"Nixon was stupid. So were his advisors. Why did they break into Watergate? It was just stupid. Everything was stupid!"
Roshan - in Y11 History, in a debate with Mrs. Tsui

"Geez... I really gotta take a BIG fart... OH MY GOD, I just shit in my pants!"

"Okay... we'll put it on top of the aircon, and we didn't see it there, got it? You never saw it there."

Matt - during Y9 camp


"You're funny. FUNNY LOOKING..."

"You're pretty ... pretty ugly..."

"Hey, I think there's a tree up my ass or something"
Alex L on Y11 mangroves trip (Biology). Mrs. Perryman, nearby, burst out laughing.

"Your breath is so bad that I look forward to your farts"
Alex, during Bio lesson, with Mrs. Perryman behind him

"Grrr... if I ever live to get out of this mess..."

Ernest, during Y11 Mangroves Trip


"HELLO friend!"
Chris (the  -f a t-  one)



KTung -- all too often.

Note: This is now the official spelling as declared by me and Adrian


"Quit being so mean to me... or else I'm gonna exclude ALL of you!"

Sibon, when we were in Y10


"This environmental stuff is useless. Sooner or later, we're all gonna die, the earth will explode, and the universe will collapse!"

Unknown cynic


"Ooh... nice legs"
Unknown, during tackle rugby with girls


"No, I'm never going to take Physics - even if I'm run over by a train!"

Zara - on being asked whether or not she'll take Physics in Y12


"A girls' legs are just like a jewelry box... you open it up and there's a treasure inside..."

John G - Y11 Grad Prom night (girl with best legs award)


(innocently) "Am I annoying?"

Arthur - in my Peer Support class, after I started to get really annoyed.


"I swear, this is so stupid. (Somebody) should just stuff that stupid thing up his ... nose."

Suvrat - he was talking about some weird assignment or something when Mr. Milnes walked in.


"Oh! So you're the photo-computer room-prefect-peer support guy!"

Emily - Year 8 (Class of 2007)


"Watch out... I've got water and I know how to use it!"

Allison, during Year 7 Camp -- this was the first day and she and a bunch of other girls seemed obsessed about dumping bottles of water all over me

...and it was liek water from that disgusting water fountain! XDXD HAHAHAHHAHHA"


"I always thought you were a really nice guy ... I mean, I still do! But then I saw you yelling at (name removed to protect the guilty) in the canteen - and that was when I realized that you did have an evil side!"

Jennifer (on my bus)


"Really? You ARE an evil prefect!"

Felda (on my bus) -- following on from what Jennifer said


"Who's here? Adrian, Vanessa and Pang Pang... I mean, Snoopy"

Tammy - talking on the phone as usual, while we were waiting


"Oh no! I missed my mouth again!"

Tammy - while putting french fries into her mouth, then twice at the restaurant we were eating at


"Why did I change seats? That's the mystery. I had to spy on those people. It was easier to eavesdrop on their conversation sitting here"

Adrian - while we were sitting at the McDonalds in Times Square. "Those people" refers to a bunch of "ESF-looking" people sitting near us


"To turn me on, press 1. To have hot sex, press 2. To be dominated, press 3. For all of the above, press 4. To repeat, press 0."

Wang - prank calling all sorts of people


"Can you please tell me what service you selected?"

Wang - prank calling Tammy. She pressed a button and Wang couldn't tell which one it was!


"Scubanichi!"; "Ahh! OOKIbaka"; "Gogo"; "adijgu"

Wang playing "Typing of the Dead" - and yelling out all the Japanese words he was *trying* to type


"Skill is inversely proportional to height."



"Oh my gosh... you're a prefect??!"

"I'm sooo sorry for all those things I did to you..."

I promise to be good from now on."

Allison, Kara, and Nina, in my Peer Support Class, on finding out all I'm a prefect after Y7 Camp


"SY-bil. Not SYB-il!"

Sybil - in my Peer Support class, after getting her name wrong the millionth time


"Oh look! He's doing that eye-thing again!"

Kara, Nina, Allison, Emma, Joyce, Grace, Arthur, Ross (in my Peer Support Class)-- at various times -- referring to how I twitch my eye sometimes


"We're just ... uh... poking the walls. Yeah, that's it!"

Grace, in my Peer Support class -- with Joyce, spying on me from behind a wall.


"A-L-L-I-S-O-N -- Allison! My name has TWO L's in it!"

Allison, in my Peer Support Class - complaining about how I always manage to spell her name "Alison" and not "Allison".


"Computers are like air conditioners. Everything stops when you open Windows"



"Good morning, prefects. Welcome to our daily CRAP ... Communication and Responsibility Assignment Process."

Kieran (head boy) - during our Pantomime


"... the total mass in the universe will be sufficient to pull the universe back together resulting in a moderate collision."

Name withheld to protect the guilty party


"Do boogers have egos?"

Adrian Liu


"...and Ernest was shaking, because he couldn't laugh out loud in the exam"

Winnie - after the M1 exam. We were singing the Physics Song outside, apparently very loudly - enough for them to hear inside the SSC Lecture Theatre.


"Have you got it?" -- "YES! Have you got it?" -- "YES! Have you got it?" -- "YES! Try!"

Playing Ultimate Frisbee - we were very very ahead of the opposing team and we decided - to ensure that we got a point- to pass the frisbee on hand-to-hand.


"Can I have two?"

Adrian's famous request - when everyone asks "can I have one?" (eg for fries or something), when it's his turn, he always says "can I have two?"


"I would like to do some serious damage to you..."



"You... you... commonfolk!"

Mike Lau, trying to describes SOMEthing.


"Two boys and a girl, and two girls and a boy. That's the same, isn't it?"

Tammy, while we were splitting teams for volleyball


"yea i nmopticved"

Tammy over ICQ...


"Each of you guys snore in a different pitch - so I could tell who was awake and who wasn't. When there was one less person snoring, I could tell instantly who it was that isn't asleep."

Winnie - during a sleepover


"It was so cold last night..."

Vanessa - during the same sleepover. She had the ONLY big blanket and she was complaining...


"I've noticed that Peter always coughs when we say stuff about him, but he never seems to say anything else back to us."

Adrian's observation of Peter's coughing habits


"Every time you say 'sure, why not', I will take the privilege of hitting you."

"Sure, why not..." (punch)

Zara, apparently annoyed at me saying "sure, why not" as often as I do.


"Who was the stupid b****rd outside that said 'Peter, you got cakes? Let me have some, let me have some!'? I was like 'Open up the stupid locker, dammit! I need to take a piss!'"

Wang - when he was inside Peter's locker (yes, he actually fit into it), all locked up. The plan was to surprise Peter by jumping out when he opened up the locker, but he was delayed by the moron who wanted cakes.


Tammy: "Geez, Pang, you've grown taller."

Me: "Nah, I think you're just getting shorter"

Tammy: "PANG! I mean... SNOOPY!"

Me: "If you were really Woodstock, then you'd be the height of my ankle. I could crush you like a ... bird!"

Me talking to Tammy. (She's Woodstock, I'm Snoopy)


"You've got a love-hate relationship with that sauce - on one hand, you really like it, but on the other hand, it's really spicy. Now then, if you think about it, if you keep eating that, you'll burn out all your taste buds, and guess what - you'll have nothing to love anymore since you won't be able to taste anymore!"
Kevin Lee - remarking on Tammy's obsession over some spicy Thai sauce


"Is Tammy having on orgasm on that stuff?"

Wang - commenting on the same obsession above, after seeing Tammy breathe deeply in and going all hyper


"Lei ho la wor" (Chinese made into English)

Winnie - her famous quote - always says that


"Okay - consider this: when you grow, then you become un-co. Now then, my theory is that Tammy's mouth must be growing, since she keeps missing her mouth"

Chris T. - discussing Tammy's eating habits with me


Winnie: "What's that?" (points near a hilltop)

Ernest: "A hill"

During a pre-AYP hike


"Jason, let's cross the road!"

Zara, suddenly grabbing onto my arm and dragging me across the road. By the time I got to the other side, I was in a state of shock, since she had just pulled me into (and out of, thankfully) the way of a speeding oncoming car.


"Go Snoop... inch them in the exam!"

Vanessa, after my comment that in the Use of English exam, we could probably speak better English than the people who were examining us.

Don't get it? change "inch" to Cantonese


"Damn beach..."

Winnie, during a pre-HKAYP hike. She's been taunted ever since because she has always insisted that nobody else swear, and...


"My intelligence is inversely proportional to the length of my tie"

Desmond - on having his tie pulled by Angela

(on casual day) "Hey! I must be infinitely smart now! I'm not even wearing a tie!"


"Oh booger..."

Angela - every time something goes wrong.


"I wish that sometimes you'd stop being so diplomatic!"

Zara, after I said the phrase "the thing is..." one too many times.


Ernest: "You're fat, Winnie... I think it's time to lose some weight!"

Winnie: "No..."

Chris T. "Obese -- it's not politically correct to use 'fat', remember?"

Me: "Ok ok... how 'bout this - vertically challenged; horizontally advantaged!"

After Winnie's farewell dinner - we were holding her up while a photo was being taken... I got hit after I said that.


"HEY! Don't capsize me... I'll jump in myself!" (sploosh)

Winnie, during a canoeing trip.


"It's funny - I don't think we capped Pang on purpose, but he managed to do it by himself anyways"

Winnie, same as above.


"It's really insane how fast you walk -- I'm in the middle of the road, and you're at the beginning - and a minute later you're ahead of me."

John Wong, commenting on the breakneck speed that Zara walks at.


"I think that there are many racial races at KGV..."

Adrian Liu, during an interview


"I think they've realized that there's an 'improper' version of the school song"

Me, talking to Adrian and Zara after Miss Woollett told Y12/13 about the Centenary Assembly, and the singing of the school song. We are, of course, referring to the Experiment song based on the school song.

(this should belong under the "me" section, but I accidentally put it here and can't be bothered to change it)


"So what do we do for the Mouse, Monster and Mini Me thing?"

Adrian Lai, who always seems to confuse the Peer Support "Mouse, Monster, Honest Me" phrase.


"I'm not doing anything for General Studies. It's ok. As long as all you guys do first aid, I'll be safe. I won't die."

Adrian Liu, on being asked whether or not he'll be doing First Aid General Studies.


"FINALLY! One quote from me!"

Angela, on learning that she actually had a quote on this website... well Ang, make that two.


"Okay, you're (i.e. me) Egghead Poohead, and you're (Adrian Liu) Poohead Egghead"

Angela's little brother having a hard time remembering our names.


"My sister was laughing so she was temporarily disabled"

Adrian Liu, telling us about how he tempoarily won the fight for the computer.


Adrian: "Why is is 's' negative?"

Alex: "I'm taking upwards as negative."

Adrian: "Why did you take upwards as negative?"

Alex: "Because downwards is positive. "

While discussing a mechanics question.


"The cumulation of three terms of slacking and two weeks of slaving".

John Gu, describing Computing Coursework.


"Do you know why I called you on Saturday? I had this really horrible dream that you died, and I decided I'd better check up on you just to make sure you're still around."

Zara, after she gave me a clock for a birthday present (clocks are bad luck when given as presents, according to Chinese Superstition).


"Geez, just SAY it, Jason! You want to say you're cute!"

Donna - after I said I was "baby-faced" during a discussion on whether I looked/was"small" (or otherwise)


Vanessa: "Nooooo... wasted paper!"

Mr. Greenfield: "All right, Vanessa, next time I print off Delphis tests for you, I'll print it on used toilet paper. That means we won't waste any paper... although it would be very hard to feed that stuff into the photocopying machine..."

A conversation between Vanessa and Mr. Greenfield. Vanessa was feeling very guilty about using paper since her Computing coursework, which was over 300 pages.


"I guess we're just not used to a bunch of Year 10s doing what we used to do."

Adrian, commenting on the Year 10 Prefects. It was Y13 final assembly, and we were telling a bunch of Y10s to sit down - we had no idea they were the Y10 prefects.


"We know what teachers do in their spare time now, I guess."

Adrian and me, after the Maths Chase at Pacific Place. A long time must have been spent on this chase thing, since it was a set of very elaborate and trying questions.


"Do we really look old enough to buy a house?"

Zara, while in a mall. We were walking around and some real estate agents stopped us trying to get us to look at places.


"This is a job for..."

"Evil Prefect!"

"... and Freaky Blazer Guy!"

Adrian and me. I'm the Evil Prefect, he's the Freaky Blazer Guy.


"There are far too many possibilities for us to arrive at a definite answer, but the following suggestion was mad:"

Adrian, describing a typo in his Statistics project.


"Can you ask Adrian what those flask thingies with the taps that let things leak out?"

"In chemistry there are lots of flask thingies, but she's probably referring to 'separating funnels'."
Adrian, answering a question from Zara about "flask thingies". Maybe not particularly funny, but the fact that someone as scientific as Adrian was using the word "thingies" really amused me. (Aren't scientists supposed to be exact?)


"So it was YOU! You idiot! You were the one who took my place at Cornell!"

Steph Gin to Ben, after Ben informed us that he rejected a place at Cornell.


John Wong: "How modern are those languages that Mrs. Muscroft teaches?"

Desmond Ko: "About as modern as your dress sense!"

Just a rather evil conversation between John and Desmond. Mrs. Muscroft teaches French at KGV.


Angela: "...and so there's apparently this secret assasination plot"
Adrian: "...sure...right..."
Angela: "It's true! It's on the newspapers!"

Don't get what's so weird? Look at the bits in yellow.


Adrian: "Now, suppose you had a sphere, a hoop and a disc rolling down an inclined plane. Which one gets to the bottom first, if they start from rest at the same height?"
Angela: "Hmm...it's gotta be the sphere...the others don't make it because they fall over!"

Talking about a mechanics question


"Laziness will be the end of me."

Zara, while we were discussing something about laziness.


"Man, you lag";

"You've been disconnected from the world"

Ben, when we gave him a slow reaction compared to others or when a person is clueless to what happened previously since they weren't paying attention.

He said it quite often during their Malaysia trip since most people were half asleep on the buses anyway.


"What if you want to order photos AND barf?"
Adrian Liu, on the airplane to Australia - printed on the barf bags are order forms for photos.


"Four zhor lar!". (Translate this to Cantonese).

Vivien Li, when being asked whether "4" had been pressed in the elevator


"*gasp* ... Oops, did I say 'sh*t'? I meant 'shoot'."

Zara, on thinking that she forgot something.


"You need a love life! You need something to screw up your perfect world!"

Katherine Lau


Someone to (name withheld): "Why are you such a violent boy?"
Ricky: "Four years ago he was kicked by a cow".

Australian Music Tour


"I swear, Adrian has a loudspeaker implanted into his mouth. Every time he speaks, he manages to get EVERYone's attention, as well as be louder than anyone there is."

Phil Wei during a barbeque.


Winnie: "haha... dun tell me u've got a room mate...that doesn't exist..."
Adrian: "Nope. Even worse - I've got three. Haha."
Winnie: "u ALREADY KNOW?!?!?! thats serious..."

An ICQ conversation about Adrian's roommates, with reference to "A Beautiful Mind's" version of what John Nash went through.


"First, I'm your pillar of support... now I'm your sister?? An older sister too!" (a very long fit of laughing)

Zara, after a minibus driver commented that we looked like brother and sister.


"'Un-cha!' I like that! By the Christmas this year, I'm gonna have EVERYONE at Princeton say 'un cha'!"

Phil Wei, after one of us said "un-cha" during a barbeque. We were trying to get a sausage off a fork, and it was the classic Chinese-English mixing again that Phil loved.


Ktung: "Have you ever seen people hugging and kissing at the airport?"

Me: "Yeah, hugging and lots of crying, but not really snogging"

Tammy: "So were they too happy to leave, or too sad to come back?"

Weird conversation at the airport while seeing Ernest off.


"(name removed to protect the guilty)'s ego is bigger than his ass! Now that's big!"

Desmond... hmm, forget when.


"Ahh...is the eggplant ready...AHA...you've come to the right place. You're talking to the right person - the expert. Now...the eggplant...well...uhh...I don't know."

At the barbeque at Tammy and Peter's Birthday. Adrian was cooking the eggplants and was asked whether they were ready yet.


"Ahh...I'm not very good at programming either. And I don't like the fact that I'm stuck on a human invention. Getting stuck on a programming exercise feels really bad. Getting stuck on the universe is a bit better, because it's a bit deeper."

Adrian, while discussing "how fun" programming is with Angela


"Oh, do you want to watch this homework with me? "

Felda -- she was talking about an incident w/ a friend over MSN with me, and she just mentioned this slip of tongue. "See how school is bad for you??"


"This whole reality thing is unnecessary"

Adrian, attacking philosophy


"Well, if only she knew your number, she'd have phone bills rolling in like toilet roll"

Ivan, during an MSN conversation.


"jason!! i still dont have a quote!"

Sherman, bugging me and asking to be immortalized on jasonpang.net


"OMG~ u must be extremely jet lagged ur hello doesnt have a capital letter and a period in the end!"

Sherman, to Adrian after he went back to Hong Kong.


"hes a loner with no frens and acts like a lady with a tic tac up her nose"

Nina, talking about someone over MSN.


"You guys should be leashed"

Ivan, after Jing and Linda went to the mall and scared everyone away


"Yes, this is the Mr. "I-have-been-gau-waied-by-Mr. Pang-Miss Wu-Miss Cheung-Mr. Fuller-Mr. Powell" Liu."

Adrian, after I scolded him for asking "So who snogs who in the staffroom?"

[jason@hk] says: if i was to spell check my entire site i don't know how long that would take
Linda - muahahaha says: i've done it already
[jason@hk] says: ...
Linda - muahahaha says: yes, i have no life
MSN conversation between Linda and me about the spelling of jasonpang.net's text


"The reason why i didn't do question 7 and 8 was because i didn't have a rubber and i couldn't be bothered to go downstairs and buy one."

Ying Qi, making up an excuse for not doing q7 and 8 of an assignment


"Linda, do you play 'The Sims' - because you'd be very good at it judging from the way you managed to control me on Sunday."

Ching Sum, talking about how Linda managed to manipulate him into believing things.


"Fighting for peace is like having sex for virginity"

Athena's MSN user name, commenting on the War in Iraq


Jing: "This stupid turtleneck... it's so... itchy! And... it's so... errrrgh"

(at various times during lunch)

"At least I'm not wearing a turtleneck, Jing."

Toni, constantly reminding Jing that she was wearing a turtleneck and thus was itchy.


"If you ever want to be a politician, you have to watch what you're saying from a very young age... some of the things you said would be very incriminating if you were a politician of any kind."

Adrian, commenting on how we kept on saying incriminating things that could be taken out of context


"this is random, but 1pill 2 pill ....7 pill FLOOR"

Shiga, just being random... uh, I don't know what to say about it, it's just weird

feldz- : OMG its 1 already
[jason@waterloo]: haha yeah i know
[jason@waterloo]: you hafta go out?
feldz- : nopeee
feldz- : just have to work SOON
[jason@waterloo]: lol likewise
[jason@waterloo]: i should get to work but i'm so... uh, unmotivated
feldz- : yupp totally
feldz- : there are still many more hours to waste
Felda, while we were talking over MSN one Friday night (Saturday morning) about how much work we had


"Why would anyone want to do engineering? What do you do in engineering? You just walk around with a wrench!"

Ying Qi

Felda: so how do u feel - this is ur first day "day" as a 22 year old
Me: it doesn't feel too much different from being 21 years +364 days old actually

Felda and I, talking on our birthdays


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